We've a solid and diversified set of investments.

Get to know our set of investments... Maybe there's an oportunity to establish a business relationship, either as our client, our supplier, our partner or our investor.



  1. Solid investments
    We invest on solid and promissing businesses. Businesses that are financially stable. Businesses that provide added value for our customers. Businesses that inovate and adapt to the constantly changing environment.
  2. Diversified investments
    We invest on a wide range of business areas. Healthcare, construction, real estate, are some of our business interests, just to name a few.
  3. Control of investments
    We have a strong management position in all of our investments. We invest on businesses that we know and where we can act and make a diference.

More on our investments...

Real estate
Specialist car dealer
Telecom infrastructures
Information Systems
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