Statement of the Chairman

Our company is my pride.

Our ambition is to continue our path, multiplying, in dimension and innovation, reaching increasing levels of profitability and investing in a targeted manner. In a sustainable way based on solid roots that enabled us to leverage a vast number of businesses.

We were born with an appetite for change, resilience, dynamism and leadership.
We are a contributor to a more prosperous, fairer, ethical and more sustainable society.
We have strong values, a method and own culture.

Past successes are not guarantee of future returns. Each one of us has to assume his share of responsibility, and contribute to build our future. We must all be more entrepreneurial, more innovative in seeking solutions, and see opportunities in all challenges.



We are committed to create economic value in the medium and long term, built on relationships founded on integrity and trust.

Ambition is born from continuously establishing goals which will stretch us to our limits, stimulating our energy and reinforcing our determination. Ambition drives us and keeps us dissatisfied with the status quo, forcing us to go beyond our past successes.