About us

About Us
Lake Fund – SGPS, SA is a private investment holding company, based in Maia, Portugal.

Led by Chairman, João Lago, Lake Fund – SGPS, SA utilizes the experience and expertise of a small team of multi-disciplined professionals – all experts in their field – to monitor and operate the global interests of the company.

We have a heritage and strength in real estate and niche markets.

Our experience and leadership across asset classes not only provides insights into ever-changing markets, but also means we are at the forefront of developing contemporary investment solutions.



  1. Solid investments
    We invest on solid and promissing businesses. Businesses that are financially stable. Businesses that provide added value for our customers. Businesses that inovate and adapt to the constantly changing environment.
  2. Diversified investments
    We invest on a wide range of business areas. Healthcare, construction, real estate, are some of our business interests, just to name a few.
  3. Control of investments
    We have a strong management position in all of our investments. We invest on businesses that we know and where we can act and make a diference.

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